Impulse Control

My dad was always trying to make people laugh, often with corny jokes and bad puns. His standard farewell when departing a social gathering was always, “We’ll see you in the spring if we get through the mattress.” Ba-dump, bump!

He often proclaimed that he was on a “see food” diet. Reaching for whatever food was in sight, he would explain simply, “Whenever I see food, I eat it!” Ba-dump, bump! Always there would be the slight pause and the nascent grin as he waited — and hoped — that you would get the pun.

My dad passed away this past summer and, much to my chagrin, passed on both of these tendencies in spades. I love a good pun — the more obscure the better.

And I also share his woeful lack of impulse control. I am tripped up by ‘see food’ impulses and can fritter away precious hours on ‘see-email,’ ‘see-Twitter,’ and ‘see-shiny-objects’ distractions. “Squirrel!”

The theme for this week is Impulse Control. I shall aim the emerging habit at food impulses mostly, but will not be disappointed if focus emerges in other areas as well.

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