Consulting is a Relationship Business

Consulting is a relationship business. A special product may make you competitive. Differentiated services may make you distinct. But only carefully crafted relationships will create a breakthrough firm.

— Alan Weiss, Million Dollar Consulting

In preparation to launch Rizers — my new company — I am reading Alan Weiss’ classic tome, Million Dollar Consulting. In the chapter on Breaking Paradigms he talks about the difference between average consultants, better-than-average consultants, and million dollar consultants. Average consultants sell products, such as workshops and training seminars. Better-than-average consultants differentiate their services to convey some kind of distinction. But million dollar consultants build relationships that are deeply valuable to the client and mutually beneficial to both client and consultant in the long run.

As I continue to share “The Networking Mindset” with workshops and friends, I am amazed at how much of life’s success comes down to purposefully building meaningful relationships. Stay tuned . . .

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