Kindle Chronicles

A tip of the hat and a hearty thank you to Len Edgerly and his new podcast, The Kindle Chronicles. I joined the Kindle revolution a few months ago and have been amazed at how beautifully this gadget fits into my arsenal of tech toys. I went looking for a podcast that would allow me to get even more out of my Kindle. I stumbled on to Len’s Kindle Chronicles and have been hooked ever since.

The Kindle Chronicles have a wonderful format that includes well defined sections for

  • The latest Kindle news
  • Hints and tech tips on getting the most use out of the reader
  • A regular interview with a Kindle user or a mover and shaker in the Kindle ecosystem that always fascinates
  • An excerpt from something Len is reading on his kindle, and
  • Reader feedback.

It is a great format and his recent effort to keep the show around 30 minutes has resulted in an outstanding half-hour of content. …

Gorilla Marketing

I am an avid fan of podcasts. I listen to many hours a week of interesting and compelling content completely on my own schedule. The TWiT Network produces some of the best, including This Week in Tech, MacBreak Weekly and Roz Rows the Pacific. Leo Laporte is a master behind the microphone.

Leo continues to chase profitability by adding an ever-increasing array of sponsors for his “netcasting” ventures. Drobo and GoToMeeting are recent additions and he is pushing the boundaries of tolerance with the seemingly endless droning on about Visa’s security protection for online fraud. …