Kindle Chronicles

A tip of the hat and a hearty thank you to Len Edgerly and his new podcast, The Kindle Chronicles. I joined the Kindle revolution a few months ago and have been amazed at how beautifully this gadget fits into my arsenal of tech toys. I went looking for a podcast that would allow me to get even more out of my Kindle. I stumbled on to Len’s Kindle Chronicles and have been hooked ever since.

The Kindle Chronicles have a wonderful format that includes well defined sections for

  • The latest Kindle news
  • Hints and tech tips on getting the most use out of the reader
  • A regular interview with a Kindle user or a mover and shaker in the Kindle ecosystem that always fascinates
  • An excerpt from something Len is reading on his kindle, and
  • Reader feedback.

It is a great format and his recent effort to keep the show around 30 minutes has resulted in an outstanding half-hour of content.

I have followed The Kindle Chronicles since the first episode and am intrigued at how quickly it has come together. I am overwhelmed at Len’s openness and generous spirit towards feedback. Len has documented some of his experience and inspiration in a blog post called Birth of a Podcast. Good stuff! I am very close to launching my own podcast and will incorporate this advice.

Thanks Len, keep up the good work.

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